Surging Urgency

Adding a simple surge protector to your electrical panel can save you tens of thousands of dollars in destroyed belongings, and it's not just lightning you need to worry about.

Take a moment to think about all the items that are plugged in at your home right now.  Computers, TVs, sound systems, iphones charging, smart appliances, and even hardwired items like dimmer switches and motion sensors.  These are all expensive pieces of electronics, some of which contain valuable personal data and have irreplaceable sentimental value.  Now imagine all these items were destroyed...

Most people that consider surges occurring at home assume that lightning is the main concern, and what are the odds of that?  Well the odds are about 1 in every 200 houses will be struck, but there's much more to consider when protecting your home from the effects of power surging.

Your home will actually experience approximately 20 surges a day, and half of those are produced in within your home!  Appliances from laundry dryers to hair dryers can cause mini surges that break down the sensitive (and expensive) components in your home electronics, and an electrical panel that has not been maintained by a professional can cause unwanted surging.  The utility power grid can cause routine surging and when you experience a power outage it is often caused by a short circuit (major surge potential).

There is a cost effective solution we can provide that will divert these surges away from your panel directly to ground, in the form of a whole house surge protector.  We only use trusted SPD's that are well tested and reviewed, and provide substantial coverage for your personal property.

Our surge protectors are hardwired right into your electrical panel and come with an alarm that will notify you if there is a problem.


At the time of the installation, our electricians will perform an inspection on your electrical panel and the main ground to your system so you can feel confident in your service.